Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that should help you in your choice of our Sammy Satsuma products.

Who is Sammy Satsuma

Sammy Satsumais  is the eponymous hero and role model in the Sammy Satsuma series of culinary children’s books. His superpower is his ability to make all food fun, appealing and appetising to children by sharing the great adventures with his friends.

How do I make a personalised book

Step one is to select one of our unique books from our personalised range. Once you have done this the fun part begins. By adding your child’s name, selecting their gender, hair colour, eye colour and skin tone we will create an avatar of your child and place them in the heart of the book where there adventure with Sammy will begin. We also have some fun extras like glasses and freckles which can also be selected.

How do I place an order with Sammy Satsuma


How much are Sammy Satsuma books

We have tried to create a range of books that suit all ages and budgets. Each of our books include a recipe from Award winning chef and food writer Jo Pratt for you and your child create and eat together.

Picture Story book - £7.99

Our picture story books are a fun and easy introduction in to the world of Sammy Satsuma and friends and the benefits of healthy eating.

Adventure book - £29.99

Our fully personalised adventure book allows you to add your child’s name and create an avatar of your child who will embark on a journey through 5 different magical lands

Personalised recipe book - £34.99

The premium book in our range is our completely unique personalised recipe book written by award winning chef Jo Pratt. We know that kids can be fussy little so and so’s when it comes to eating. That’s why in this book you choose the 10 recipes from our extensive list that your child would most love to make and eat. You also add your child’s name and create their avatar that will feature throughout the book.

Why are our books such great gifts

The Sammy Satsuma range of books are not only fun and exciting standalone children’s books but they are also much much more.

Our ethos is to encourage children to make healthy eating choices. And as parents we know that simply shouting “EAT YOUR GREENS” doesn’t work.

Our extensive research showed that positive cartoon characters have a big impact on a child’s behaviour. So we decided to create characters that help children make good healthy eating choices for themselves.

Our books have a theme of humours storytelling, character bonding and a subtle message of healthy eating throughout

We have also included a free healthy recipe in each book for you and your child to enjoy making and eating together.

Where Is Sammy Satsuma located

Sammy HQ where all the magic happens is a building based in North London on the boarders of Hertfordshire. We have a state of the art printing press on the ground floor and our offices are located above.

How do I contact Sammy Satsuma

Please complete our online contact form and a member of the Sammy team will be in touch with 24 hours. Monday to Friday only of course.

How can I reach customer services

Please complete our online contact form and a member of the Sammy team will be in touch with 24 hours. Monday to Friday only of course.

Can I get my book gift wrapped

We want your gift to look as super dooper splendid as possible so you have to option to gift wrap any product purchased from Sammy Satsuma.

Will a receipt be included

Each order placed will generate an e-receipt that will be automatically emailed to the purchasers chosen email address. If you have placed an order and not received your e-receipt please contact our customers services team by sending an email to email here.

I have received my book as a gift. Who sent it

With all Sammy Satsuma products the purchaser will have to opportunity to add a personal message. If however they don’t then unfortunately due to data protection we are unable to disclose any personal information.